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Are There Sandos Resort Locations In The Bahamas?

Sandos Resorts: Distinctive All-Inclusive Experiences in Mexico and Spain


Sandos Caracol Eco timeshare promotion deal When it comes to luxury all-inclusive resorts, Sandos Resorts has been making a name for itself with its exceptional offerings in Mexico and Spain. However, it’s important to note that Sandos Resorts does not have a location in the Bahamas, which is often confused with another renowned brand, Sandals Resorts. In this article, we will explore the unique features of Sandos Resorts and clarify the distinction between these two resort chains.

Sandos Resorts: Exclusively Located in Mexico and Spain

Sandos Resorts (official website) has established a reputation for excellence in hospitality with its stunning beachfront properties in Mexico and Spain. With locations in popular Mexican destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Los Cabos, as well as in Spain’s beautiful island of Ibiza, Sandos Resorts offers guests unforgettable vacations in some of the most sought-after locations.

Sandals Resorts: A Paradise in the Bahamas

While Sandos Resorts does not operate in the Bahamas, another prominent resort chain, Sandals Resorts (official website), provides a luxurious all-inclusive experience in this Caribbean paradise. Sandals Resorts offers guests an array of remarkable locations in the Bahamas, including Nassau, Exuma, and Great Exuma. These resorts provide a haven of relaxation and indulgence with their pristine beaches, exquisite dining options, and a variety of activities.

Different Types of All-Inclusive Experiences:

It is essential to distinguish the different types of all-inclusive experiences provided by Sandos Resorts and Sandals Resorts.

Sandals Resorts: Fun Included, an Unparalleled Level of Luxury

Sandals Resorts prides itself on offering an all-inclusive experience known as “Fun Included.” This elevated level of luxury surpasses traditional all-inclusive offerings, providing guests with an extraordinary array of activities, gourmet dining experiences, premium beverages, and access to various land and water sports. Sandals Resorts’ commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail sets them apart as a top-tier all-inclusive option.

sandos resorts all inclusive buffet Sandos Resorts: Upscale All-Inclusive Bliss

On the other hand, Sandos Resorts offers guests an upscale all-inclusive experience, ensuring comfort, relaxation, and quality amenities. With an emphasis on providing a range of dining options, entertainment, wellness facilities, and beautiful surroundings, Sandos Resorts caters to the discerning traveler looking for a luxurious getaway.

Sandos Resorts Promotion: Mexico Beachfront All-Inclusive

One of the most popular promotions offered by Sandos Resorts is their Mexico Beachfront All-Inclusive package. This enticing offer allows couples aged 28 to 70 to save up to 70% on their stay by participating in a timeshare-like presentation during their visit. This promotion has garnered praise from guests for its affordability and the opportunity to experience the beauty of Mexico’s beach destinations.


Sandos Resorts is a leading provider of upscale all-inclusive vacations, with properties in Mexico and Spain. While they do not have a presence in the Bahamas, Sandos Resorts offers guests an unforgettable experience in stunning beachfront locations. It’s important to differentiate between Sandos Resorts and Sandals Resorts, as both provide distinct types of all-inclusive offerings catering to different preferences. Whether seeking an elevated luxury experience or a top-tier all-inclusive getaway, Sandos Resorts and Sandals Resorts are sure to provide guests with remarkable vacations.

Looking For A Great Vacation Promotion To A Highly Rated Resort Chain?

I am a travel agent and web strategist that has been promoting Sandos Resorts for over a decade.  Let me personally set you up through my direct contract which get you access to the resort’s vacation club promotion.  You can really save up to 70% on an all-inclusive (all meals, drinks, and alcohol) stay by just saying no at a sales presentation.
All Booking Is Done By First Checking If Your Dates Are Available & Then Completing a simple form the resort gives us as a contract agreement. This form (don’t print, it gets filled out by me) holds your dates of travel while they process your request (3-4 business days).  Complete this reservation request form here:  
save up to 70 percent at sandos resorts by becoming a prospect
Old Example Calendar
2023 Sandos Vacation Club Calendar & Booking Resorts will pick you up for free in private transfer but charges for return transfer. From Sandos Cancun it’s $40, from Sandos Caracol or Playacar it’s $73, and from Sandos Finisterra it’s $90 per reservation group. Availability is not unlimited when it comes

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My Sandos Resorts Trip
My 2021 Sandos Resort Trip Videos

Have a look at this beautiful resort! I got a chance to stay at the Sandos Caracol Eco and Sandos Playacar for a total of 14 nights.  It was fantastic!  Choose a video below to see for yourself.  I took a lot of video

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save up to 70 percent at sandos resorts by becoming a prospect
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(855)804-8381 or (720)498-1989 Florida Seller Of Travel License # ST43529 Get 5 Nights & 6 Days Full Retail All Inclusive Per Family (Best Deal)! Includes two adults (28-70) with up to two kids 12 or younger at the time of travel. All Your Meals

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