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Tom Bowman Jr Scuba Diving Hello, I’m Thomas Bowman Jr, the proud owner of Bowman Web Services LLC and several personally operated websites. I want to provide you with some resources that will help you get to know me better and understand my current services.

If you have previously traveled, I kindly request you to spare a moment and fill out this survey. Since 2012, I have been selling Sandos Resorts vacation promotions for the Royal Elite Vacation Club. I have extensive experience in booking complex and custom vacation packages through this online travel deal.

I have direct access to the Royal Elite promotional department and can offer discounted retail prices that include all the resort’s services, such as wedding contacts. Additionally, I am acquainted with an original member who re-rents the black band membership weeks for those who wish to experience the best that Sandos has to offer before committing to the program directly.

My Florida Seller Of Travel #ST43529

Florida Seller Of Travel #ST43529

To establish a stronger consumer trust, I chose to become a member of multiple associations and acquire several licenses. If you’re in search of a reliable platform to book timeshare vacation packages, consider Bowman Web Services LLC and its associated websites. My registration with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as seen in the provided image, attests to my credibility. This department governs travel agencies and oversees the sales of travel certificates and vouchers within Florida. Obtaining this registration required a surety insurance bond. The image also showcases my two DBA websites: SandosPromo (DBA ID#G22000055584) and IWantToTravelTo (DBA ID#G22000055594). The IWantToTravelTo website offers public videos and valuable insights on exciting activities in various popular vacation destinations.

Sandos Resorts Smart Agent (Since 2017)

Sandos Smart Agent Certification

In 2016, I joined as a Sandos Smart Agent, a role that involved extensive training on the four Sandos Resorts in Mexico and completing a series of tests. As a result, I gained access to exclusive travel agent rates and special resort services, such as the wedding department. While I can provide retail quotes if needed, it’s important to mention that it’s not my area of expertise. My true specialty lies in booking challenging multiroom 7-night deals within this program.

I Want To Travel To Logo With Bowman Web Services added Don’t know Cancun, Los Cabos, Daytona Beach or Jamaica?

If you’re unsure about where to go for your vacation, check out the various videos posted by travelers, bloggers, and tour operators about popular destinations like Cancun, Los Cabos, Daytona Beach, and Jamaica. Having collected thousands of videos over the past eight years, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you plan your perfect vacation. Whether you’re interested in exploring Tulum, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, or Isla Holbox, Cancun has a plethora of fun activities and attractions to choose from. Take a look at my curated collection to make the most of your trip!

Bowman Web Services llc logo I also run a hotel & tourism marketing service.

As an expert in hotel & tourism marketing, I specialize in crafting targeted content, conducting thorough market research, and analyzing competitors. With over 14 years of experience in building WordPress websites, I am proficient in utilizing Search Console and Google Analytics to drive results. My accomplishments include achieving high rankings in the tourism sectors for keywords related to timeshare, cenotes, and Mayan ruins. If you are seeking a sole proprietor who can deliver results, allow me to examine your business website and devise an action plan. If you find my ideas compelling, we can collaborate to double your online presence.

I have been working on another website for approximately a decade, which is unrelated to travel but encompasses a broad range of topics that are important to me. Several years ago, I was introduced to Tony Robbins by a stranger, and ever since, I have been inspired by his motivational materials. These resources have provided me with valuable insights and helped me acquire numerous life skills. Self Growth Videos is a curated compilation of empowering self-improvement materials designed to assist individuals in learning new skills and talents. You might be intrigued to find a diverse selection of videos, including stick-fighting tutorials. I encourage you to explore and uncover what this platform has to offer!

All Booking Is Done By First Checking If Your Dates Are Available & Then Completing a simple form the resort gives us as a contract agreement. This form (don’t print, it gets filled out by me) holds your dates of travel while they process your request (3-4 business days).  Complete this reservation request form here:  
save up to 70 percent at sandos resorts by becoming a prospect
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We Are Closing Due To Consumer Fraud!

Vcation Fraud EternalLife Church Sacramento California
Play Video about Vcation Fraud EternalLife Church Sacramento California

Christians Were Involved.

EternalLife Church Of Sacramento members committed or sought to commit vacation fraud just before Thanksgiving of 2023.  Two couples conspired (we believe at church) on how to get away with stealing $2000 each in resort amenities.  They signed an agreement to not travel together with any other couples using separate discount offers.  On a recorded phone line they also verified this to be true, verbally.  They got caught just a week before travel, had their reservation canceled, and the couple that booked through me charged back against my merchant account.  This is just wrong as it’s an attack against my merchant account and direct contract with a major resort chain.  As a Pastor & marketer, I am offended and this will be the last time a Christian (or any consumer) uses my company to defraud this resort chain.