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Introduction to the Owner of All Inclusive Vacation & Travel, Thomas Bowman Jr

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Welcome To "Sandos Promo" Formally "All Inclusive Vacation & Travel"

Below is a personal introduction to me, Thomas Bowman Jr, and this was revised 7/7/22.  Since 2012 I have promoted the Royal Elite Vacation Club through a special travel offer many refer to as a timeshare promotion.  I started to build the original website back in 2012 and it was called  

During Covid I switched the domain to better focus on the Sandos Resorts products specifically.  I do promote other offers from time to time but do it on my other website,  During that time I was building these three websites I ran a home repair & handyman service in two different states (Denver, Daytona Beach).  

There are remnants of those two handyman companies still on YouTube, you can watch over 100 videos of things I have fixed.

Who Is Thomas Bowman Jr?

So you are looking to know a little more about me.  I just turned 48 in May 2022.  I grew up in Paoli Pennsylvania which is located in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia.

I spent the first 37 years of my life in the Valley Forge Pennsylvania (West Chester, King Of Prussia) area and never left the eastern time zone.  During that time, I spent 4 years snow-birding from PA to Daytona Beach Florida and then moved there to be closer to family.

I graduated from Conestoga Senior High School in 1991 before attending our local community college.  About a year into it, I quit because I had a job working for a local plumber and liked it.  Even after I flooded a home and got 11 stitches, they still encouraged me with a little tough love harassment.  

Shortly after quitting community college I found myself in trade school for plumbing!  I attended plumbing school and worked in the plumbing trades for 5 or so years before starting my own home repair service.

1999: My First Business & The Loss Of It

In 1999 I officially launched my first business after listening to an audiobook by Tony Robbins!  I discovered that working for myself was more rewarding than my day job and people were happy to pay me cash, which I loved!

I had a unique experience one day at that plumbing job.  I was sent out to patch a ceiling that another plumber had opened for a tub repair.  The homeowner was all jacked up on Anthony Robbins and his 30 day Personal Power course.   I had never met a person so positive and excited to be alive as this guy.

That day on the back of a menu this stranger wrote recommendations that would help me design my future rather than just live it.  Then he bought lunch!  I saved that menu for years.  That stranger changed my life!  The first book he recommended was “Awaken The Giant Within” and it did! 

I started Bowman Home Services which lasted till the 2009 economic crash.  During those 10 years I learned a lot about home repair, basement remodeling and how to follow things through to completion.  I also bought my first home which I lost around 2010.

2010: WordPress (A New Passion Is Born)

The year before I lost my first home I started to learn about websites.  In an effort to drum up more business I had a friend build me a WordPress site.  His website was really bad and so I started to mess around with WordPress on my own.  It took years to actually build a site that anyone visited besides me and Mom.

I wasn’t able to save that home or first business, but I did start down a new path.  Since 2008 I have built hundreds of websites.  For a long time I had a series of websites that targeted the apartment home security niche.  I was one of the first affiliates for a company called SimpliSafe. 

Today SimpliSafe is one of the largest buy and own (piece mail) home security systems available.  They also ripped off their affiliates and never paid for tens of thousands of leads!

After learning how to build a basic website I discovered that you have to rank it to get traffic.  This started years of study into what is called SEO or content marketing.  SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of moving a website up in the organic unpaid search results.  This is done on ALL internet platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

2010: SEO & The Art Of Content Marketing

There is nothing I get more joy from than building a webpage and watching it show up in the search results!  I simply love it and find much joy in it.  Somewhere in 2012 or 2013 I started to read and listen to speakers about SEO.  The internet was growing so quickly that Google started to set rules and punish companies that broke them.

Today the web is all about content and what the consumers reaction is to it.  Google tracks every click on the web and even how many seconds a searcher spends actively scrolling a site or page.  This is called analytics and is a huge part of SEO.

2012: The Big Island Of Hawaii

In 2012, I moved to the Big Island Of Hawaii!  I spent 13 months on that island and never tasted better fruit.  My adventure began when I decided to see the world and was offered a job in Hawaii.  At the time I did not have a passport and for the first time in my life I wondered how far away from “my world” could I go?

Like magic, my first Google search revealed a job opportunity as a plumber at a yoga retreat center located in a rain forest.  The ad said there was rustic conditions and I had no idea what that meant.  Within just a few weeks I was planning a new start and some serious down time from the mainland.  Aloha!

2012: My Rain Forest Experience

If you have never been to a retreat center in the middle of nowhere, it is profound!  My time on the Big Island revealed a new way of life and I believe may have saved my life.

I discovered more in a year than I had in a lifetime.  In this simple place I discovered things that most would miss.  I spent hours meditating in a Banyan tree, picked fresh ripe fruit like bananas and had my first experience of community!

Nature has a way of reconnecting us to both ourselves and others.  Over 100 strangers from different parts of the world came to volunteer and have a unique experience of life.

The camp was called Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center and was located in Pahoa, Hawaii.  Every person had a job.  Some were extremely experienced and had fools jobs because that’s how they wanted it.  No responsibility, just play.

Others like myself (newbies) took things too serious and tried to fix everything.  After all we were in a jungle and things were falling apart.  Home Depot was over an hour away and glue had a cost that was 3 times more on an island! 

It took sometime to come to a place where I could enjoy the idea of rustic.

2012: All Inclusive Vacation & Travel Launched

During my time in Hawaii I started the AIVAT (allinclusivevacationandtravel) website.  The original site had about 15 timeshare offers representing 5 different resort chains.  Over the years the site has gone through many changes.  Today the site promotes just Sandos Resorts and their vacation club

I also started a website called Self Growth Videos which needs some updating but is another passion of mine.  I love to share life changing materials including Law Of Attraction related studies!

2012: Community & Connection

There are places where you can get away for almost nothing but some work.  They are called intentional communities and they are located all over the world.  Some call these work trade or WWOOF.  WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) is just that, worldwide! 

You can actually skip across the US or Europe traveling from camp to camp.  The larger ones like Kalani or Omega Institute have up to 200 volunteers and offer incredible stuff like organic foods, yoga, meditation, massage and even Reiki!

Volunteers work 20 to 40 hours and for it they get perks.  Some live in tents and some in housing or campers.  There are plenty of facilities like bathrooms and laundry areas.  Omega Institute is a 21 million dollar operation!  Speakers like John Of God, Deepak Chopra, Whole Foods and hundreds of other speakers hold life changing retreats at Omega.

There is something magical that happens at these places.  You connect with strangers that become life long friends.  You find and heal places within yourself, you grow and somehow heal.  Magic!

2014: I Want To Travel To Website

In 2014 I started and about 30 social networks.  For several years I had the Sandos Resort promotions on that website.  Today that site just lists fun things to do in Cancun and Los Cabos.  You can find about 1000 videos put into YouTube Playlist by category.

2019: Denver Colorado (Small Jobs Denver)

After more than a year on the Big Island of Hawaii I returned to Florida.  I spent another few years trying to build a home services company there.  Eventually I decided to restart in Denver.  I didn’t want to stay in Florida and I didn’t want to go back to PA.

After researching some major areas I settled on Denver due to it’s booming economy and the Lyft Rental Car Program.  Lyft gave me a rental car and a job the day I stepped off the plane.  I also got a bonus after 100 rides which helped ease the move.

It took about a year to rebuild and establish Small Jobs Denver.  It took 2 years, 300 clients and 150 videos of my repairs to take the first page of Google in this new market.  As of 2019 I have been focusing on selling that handyman service and going full time promoting this vacation deal.

2022: Bowman Web Services llc.

I have over the past ten years acquired some skills in ranking content on Google.  For the past five years I have focused on vacation clubs and hotel programs.  I have experience in several areas of web development and you can learn a little more about that here:  Bowman Web Services