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Looking for frequently asked questions about the Sandos Resorts vacation promotion or these promotions in general?  In this section I will share the questions and answers other consumers have asked and got answered.

Generally, timeshare promotions are incentives to listen to a sales pitch related to vacation products and services.  

Most of these promotional offers are for couples that are married and building a family together.  There are no high end singles (non couple) based offers that I know about.  Perhaps some minor offers for a silly gift or $100 cash.  The best of the best offers (all inclusive timeshare promotions) are for couples that are married and between the ages of 28 and 70.

Timeshare offers (gifts to look at a travel products) come in many forms like excursion tickets, Visa gift cards, cash or even an all inclusive trip. 

The trips offered range from non inclusive (just the room) to all inclusive (meals & drinks).   Some timeshare deals are more valuable than others in that they offer more in their all inclusive (amenities).  Plus a resort has a general overall rating of what other guests have experienced.

Timeshare vacation promotions vary in stay length, included travelers, hotel amenities and food quality. 

Some timeshare promotions can also be restricted to just buffet dining and don’t include the hotels restaurants. 

Why would a resort offer this type of incentive?  Resorts are in the business of selling rooms by the night which expire daily.  So resorts will package future room nights and sell them in bulk. 

This is called vacation ownership and each deal (contract) is unique to the deal that is struck between yourself and the resort.

Resorts use the travel promotions terms and conditions to increase the chance they are pitching to a buying traveler or at minimum, someone that can buy their product.

There is no need to buy anything during the sales pitch.  However, you do need to show up for your agreed to presentation and fully qualify for each timeshare offer separately and fully

The best timeshare vacation packages are reserved for married couples between the ages of 28 and 70.  There are very few timeshare promotions for single men, few for single women and if your under 28 almost no options at all that are trip based.

In the USA they don’t do all inclusive timeshare offers (that I know of).  These are mainly related to the all inclusive resorts of Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic.  

I sell the Sandos Promo because I believe it’s one of the best timeshare deals a family can get and it’s full access.  Come discover vacation ownership at Sandos Resorts.  See what Sandos Resorts has to offer you on future trips while saving through this timeshare getaway deal! 

Have a look at my article on the top 30 questions people ask about timeshare promotions here.

I am a small business and sole proprietor.  I built this website and run my own web marketing service.  I have two websites in the travel space.  This site and which I built to share fun things you can do and experience.  I’ve now collected thousands of videos and organized them into YouTube Playlists by fun thing to do.

I do all these reservations personally and can answer your travel related questions.  If you are uncertain about vacation promos or timeshare deals, it’s Ok.   I will go out of my way to make sure every aspect of your trip is set correctly.  I am also very helpful and informative.

I also have passed the Sandos Smart Agent tests which is the resorts inhouse OTA (online travel agent) program.  I have also spent two weeks on vacation as a Royal Elite Member which is what you are going to learn about during your presentation.   

My vacation time was split between Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol Eco.  I have had access to the full Sandos experience and I can honestly say that the above retail amenities they offer are solid and worth looking at.  You can see what I mean here on the Royal Elite membership benefits page.  

There are lots of cheap trips out here, but I believe the Sandos promo is better.  They offer full access to their retail all inclusive.  Access to the restaurants alone (every evening) makes this promotion a top contender for the best of the best!

The Royal Elite benefits (what you are going to see and learn about) are privilege’s like member only pools, private beach areas and better dining/liquor options.  Membership has it’s travel perks!

Sandos Resorts has a solid vacation club program and I believe it’s worth looking at.  If the program is not for you, then at least you saved on your stay.

I am not a rookie!  I have personally booked over 300 couples and have been offering this promotion since 2012.

I know that if you meet the terms and have never been through this program before, your reservation will be issued!

I have booked basic to very complicated travel packages.  The program allows you to book two rooms to max occupancy up to seven nights max.  As a resort online travel agent (OTA) I get better than Hotels(dot)com rates and so adding a 3rd room or booking a 10 night stay is possible.

Also, I have the director and his #1 on Facebook Messenger should something go wrong.  They also occasionally allow me to beg for date availability should your dates already be taken.  They love when I send them special travel requests!  

Ps.  You can chat with me and not end up on a call list or harassed by email.

Get a full refund if I don’t produce a reservation for the Sandos Resort you want on the dates you have chosen! 

I check each travelers dates of travel against the resorts availability dates.  If available, all we need to do is get your paperwork done, sent in and all done before they issue dates that show your dates as gone.

I have one of the finest reputations in the promotional industry.  I am proud to promote a top vacation club not just a cheap trip.

Once your reservation is issued by the resort (2-7 days), there are no refunds as I have paid fees for your trip. 

You can reschedule your stay forever, but any fees the resort charges me must be paid by you.  Those fees range for $100 to $200 and yes we will need to do the same paperwork again. 

These cancelation fees are charged because the resort is holding a room just for you.  That space while being held cannot be given to anyone else.

These fees are minor and cost under $200 for a full reschedule and sometimes they don’t charge me a fee at all!

If I move forward with your paperwork, I am 99% certain that your reservation will be issued!

Sandos Resorts is a leader in the Mexico all inclusive vacation club industry.  They have one of the few highly established programs (10+ years) and have detailed contracts with their vendors.  This protects you, them and me!

Plus note: Unlike any other vendor, I have my name and face associated with this company.  I have for years run a home repair service and contracted with a thousand residents to resolve their home issues.  I have a solid reputation both in the timeshare presentation world and locally where I do business everyday.  I only book dates of travel to Sandos resorts.  You must know your dates and be ready to fill out paperwork to buy from me.

There is nothing more stressful before vacation than worrying about your reservation. 

You just bought 2k in plane tickets and the promotional company isn’t returning your calls! 

Your entire trip is in jeopardy and your losing sleep. 

If you book with me, you deal with me throughout your trip!  No employees here, no excuses!

Now I understand that the cost of tickets goes up almost daily and you want to lock in the price you have found.

I seriously recommend that you buy insurance if you are going to break this rule.

The best I can do is let you know the moment the resort bills me for your package.

The moment the resort bills me they are contractually obligated to fulfill your trip. 

The only times I have had an issue have been when a person lies about being through the presentation before.  

I have had 2 couples actually sign the agreement, submit it and then get turned down because they did this deal before.

You can only do this once and then you would have to tag along with a friend as the second couple in order to do it again.

This is one of the smartest things I have seen Sandos Resorts do! 

You may not like it but this one condition allows the resort to give you more and keep space freed up for those that are serious prospects! 

Out of close to 300 couples, all have received there deposits back in full!

One consumer did get charged for a bottle of wine because they asked the waiter to leave the bottle. 

Another consumer couldn’t produce the deposit and was allowed to stay one night and then asked/forced to leave.

The $1,200 (now $750) dollar deposit at check-in on a major personal credit card is how the resort verifies:

*Credit worthiness without pulling a credit report.

*You really do meet these basic conditions and aren’t lying to get a cheap trip.

*Helps scare away people just looking for a cheap trip.

*Can be used as a down payment towards the vacation club offer presented to you.

*Basically guarantees you are a valuable prospect for the resorts offerings and you can afford it!

*It also guarantees availability and keeps space freed up.  There is almost always availability at Sandos should you need a spot and plan out 30 days!

Royal Elite is the vacation club behind Sandos Resorts.  You can learn more about the benefits to Royal Elite Membership here!  Those benefits include discounts to resort services like wine and spa packages.  

Membership also gives you access to member only pools, private beach seating, restaurants for breakfast/lunch and top shelf liquors.

Sandos Resorts is an upscale all inclusive resort and everyone that enters the resort is either a member or a retail traveler.  

Sandos Resorts offers a retail all inclusive program and a higher end membership based stay, direct to members.  Members get better (everything) in-room and on-resort.

Retail & promotion based travelers get access to the ala cart restaurants in just the evenings and by reservation only in most cases.  So when you arrive you will see areas across the resort that are marked for members only.  Those areas are not for you.

The promotion allows you the retail all inclusive which gives you the main pool area and a nice section of the beach.  You will get unlimited drinks but will have to fetch them.  Members don’t have to do that, the bar comes to them.  So Royal Elite is about traveling above regular retail and getting a bit more during your vacation.

seek and go tours and excursionsSeek & Go is the Sandos Resorts recommended transportation and tourism company. 

They are located in the lobby and around each Sandos Resort location.  

Seek & go offers over 50 fun things to do like tours, adventure parks and excursions.  They organize day trips direct from each Sandos Resort to the fun thing and back again.

Seek & Go is also the transportation company that will be picking you up from the airport if you opt into the free one way promotion private transfer.

One-way transportation is included in the promotion and return private transfer is as cheap as $60 per party.

Here is a link to the Seek & Go website.  Here is the Seek & Go Facebook Page which has chat and email ( or (   

They also have a phone number listed as:  +52 984 873 4444 (Ext 17977)

You can reach out and get started planning your Sandos adventure!

Some tours and excursions Seek & Go offers are: 

Whale Shark Swimming (seasonal), Dolphin Swimming, Bull Shark Swimming (seasonal), Coba Ruins, Chichen Itza ruins, Cozumel Island, Isla Mujeres, Monkey Sanctuary, Snorkeling, Tulum, Ek Balam, Palazzo Nightclub, Coco Bongo Nightclub, Mandala Nightclub, La Embajada Nightclub, many Different Cenotes and lots more!

NOTE:  The Seek and Go website is really just one page but their service is incredible.  On resort they organize a lot of tours and excursions daily!  No really, let them set your stuff up.  It’s so much simpler and I found the cost to be fair.  I swam with whale sharks, went scuba diving and parasailing all through the resorts authorized vendors.

Here are a few brochure fronts that I grabbed.  They have book after book to flip through.  Places like Xcaret send buses to the resort and collect large groups.

Here is one of my adventures with Seek & Go!

Here is a video of my Scuba Diving adventure!  I had never been scuba diving and I did it for the first time at Sandos Caracol Eco.  For $160 i did 3 tanks of air and 3 dives.  The first was in the pool at Caracol and the other two were over the Mesoamerican Reef System located just in front of the resort.  

Sandos Booking Form July 2021The dates of availability for the Sandos program change as other consumers book.  There are only 8 spots per day available at any Sandos location. 

There are a bunch of companies that sell this deal using an automated booking widget.  It looks real but is 100% fake and built by the call center! 

The inventory these fake hotel booking engines show is rarely correct.  Worse than that, is many of these companies hide the complex terms and conditions simply to make a sale and get you on the hook. 

The Sandos Resorts promotion is complicated and one of the hardest promotions to qualify for.

The best way to book this promotion is agent direct and through the paper form the resort provides.  You can see that form in the image to the left.  Companies with call centers and automated booking widgets can screw up and do regularly.

  There is a simple form that Royal Elite wants signed.  Every few days the resort sends out a new availability calendar.

Simply call, email me or just check the calendar to see if your dates are available.  If they are I will have you fill out my booking form.  

You will need a printer, scanner or cell phone camera (old school fax) to get the form back to me.  

The whole process takes 3 to 5 business days to finalize plus time to set up your free private transportation.

No company or vendor can promise you instant booking.  This is a promotional vacation package and not accessed via any travel agent portal.

I do this directly for you, no call center here.  I also have the resorts program manager and staff on Facebook Messenger.

No hidden fees!  Included are all taxes & processing fees.

Sandos Resorts internally sets the minimum price this package can be sold for including all extras.

At resort check-out there are no hotel taxes or fees unless you have hotel incidentals.  That would be phone calls, massages, bottles of wine and other extras.

The only other charge I have any control over is your return transfer.  Transfer from the airport to the resort is included but return transfer is extra.  The cost is between $50 and $65 for your travel party and gets you private return transfer.  This service is offered by Seek and Go, the resorts on-site recommended transfer and tour service.

Vendors of the Sandos promotion cannot sell room upgrades.  It is part of our contract, no upgrades through vendors. 

At check-in you may be offered an upgrade if there are any available.  This happens often and can be as cheap as a few hundred for your entire stay.

Vendor’s of this promotion also can’t sell you their own transportation, tours or excursions. 

In the lobby of each Sandos Resorts is Seek & Go.  Seek & Go is a reputable transportation and tour operator onsite at Sandos. 

Seek & Go will be the company picking you up and dropping you off if you opt in to the private airport transfer.

Seek-N-Go offers more than 50 tours and excursions to the local Cancun market. 

Remember that couples or friends can’t travel together under separate reservation numbers or using two vacation packages.  Only one couple can use the deal at a time. 

Want to travel with another couple or additional family?  You can under specific conditions.

You can occupy up to two rooms per group or family.  The resort just wants the all inclusive fee per extra person beyond the base package of 2 adults and 2 kids.  That cost is $90 per adult and $45 per child (per night for the retail all inclusive).  This applies all year except for holiday travel times when that cost doubles to $180 and adult and $90 per child.

Did you see a commercial on TV for Sandals Resorts and think they were in Mexico?  Actually Sandos resorts is in Mexico and Sandals Resorts are located in the Caribbean.  Here is a short article about this common search error.

What are the terms of use for this vacation offer?

There Are TWO(2) Sandos Resorts Timeshare Programs!

ALERT:  Canadian & Mexican citizens will no longer be able to book Sandos Finisterra after 3/31/23.  This is a change from Royal Elite, the resorts vacation club.  They will honor all dates booked before the April 1st (get your paperwork in).  The 3 other Sandos Resorts in Cancun will still be accepting Canadian & Mexican citizens, year-round.

Actual savings is between $600 & $2000 per family depending on travel season.