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Vacation Fraud Eternal Life Church Sacremento California

Play Video about Vcation Fraud EternalLife Church Sacramento California

The video tells it all!  Two couples from a local Sacremento Church committed vacation fraud and then charged back against my marketing company claiming fraud!  Both couples signed a contract claiming they would not travel with anyone they knew.   These are professing Christians who attend a local church together.   The church in question is Eternal Life Church in Sacramento California.

Both signed and lied on a recorded telephone line.  Both couples stole over 60,000 Pesos in accommodations and the Kurk’s (Sousa & Kurk) stole an additional $480 from me.  The second theft is what hurt my company the most.  They (Ryan & Sousa) claimed I committed fraud by not supplying them with a real reservation.  This is not true and my end was 100% true and accurate. I have now invested over 20 man-hours into this fraud and bringing these two couples to justice! These are professing Christians who attend a local church together.   The church in question is Eternal Life Church in Sacramento California.

Committing Vacation Fraud Hurts Everyone!

Vacation Hacks Gone Wrong: When “Saving” Hurts Everyone

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Vacation season beckons, and with it, tempting deals promising deep discounts. While seeking value is smart, remember the saying: “If it sounds too good to be true…”

The Shady Side of “Smart Booking”:

Some consumers try to game the system, exploiting loopholes or bending truths to snag incredible deals. This type of “creative vacationing” might seem harmless, but its consequences ripple through the industry, impacting everyone:

  • The Broken Trust: When travelers exploit discounts through misrepresentation or false information, it undermines trust between them and legitimate businesses. This can lead to stricter policies, making genuine deals harder to come by for everyone.
  • The Unfair Advantage: When some exploit loopholes, it creates an uneven playing field. Those who follow the rules end up paying more, subsidizing those who don’t. This can hurt smaller businesses and ethical operators who rely on fair competition.
  • The Erosion of Quality: To combat fraudulent practices, companies might implement stricter restrictions or raise prices, impacting everyone’s vacation experience. This can lead to lower service quality, hidden fees, and less flexibility for all travelers.

Beyond Discounts: Ethical Travel Matters:

Responsible travel goes beyond finding the cheapest option. Here’s how you can contribute to a healthy travel ecosystem:

  • Be truthful and transparent: Don’t misrepresent information to qualify for discounts. Honesty benefits everyone in the long run.
  • Respect the terms and conditions: Read and understand the fine print before booking. Don’t try to circumvent rules meant for fair play.
  • Support ethical businesses: Choose companies known for transparency and fair practices. Look for certifications and positive reviews.
  • Report suspicious activity: If you see someone exploiting the system, report it to the company or relevant authorities.

Remember, ethical travel benefits everyone. By choosing honesty and responsibility, we can ensure a healthy travel industry that offers fair deals, quality experiences, and enjoyable vacations for all. Let’s explore the world ethically and create positive memories that don’t come at the expense of others.

Here Are The Vacation Fraud Offenders:

Lee Lo and Tou Moua
Lee Lo and Tou Moua
Ryan Kurk and Soua Kurk Scammers
Ryan Kurk and Soua Kurk

Help Bring These Criminals To Justice By Signing The Petition!

Here is a link to the petition.  Take a minute and sign it with the intent of creating laws around the dishonest use of these offers.

Snip Of Fraud Petition
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We Are Closing Due To Consumer Fraud!

Vcation Fraud EternalLife Church Sacramento California
Play Video about Vcation Fraud EternalLife Church Sacramento California

Christians Were Involved.

EternalLife Church Of Sacramento members committed or sought to commit vacation fraud just before Thanksgiving of 2023.  Two couples conspired (we believe at church) on how to get away with stealing $2000 each in resort amenities.  They signed an agreement to not travel together with any other couples using separate discount offers.  On a recorded phone line they also verified this to be true, verbally.  They got caught just a week before travel, had their reservation canceled, and the couple that booked through me charged back against my merchant account.  This is just wrong as it’s an attack against my merchant account and direct contract with a major resort chain.  As a Pastor & marketer, I am offended and this will be the last time a Christian (or any consumer) uses my company to defraud this resort chain.